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Today's housing environment

May 29th, 2009 12:03 PM by DRU SCOTT

There are some major economic and social factors that effect buying a home in today's market. 

  First, there is an over-supply of homes for sale.  The over supply has caused the prices of houses to fall.  That happens whenever there is more supply than demand.  The housing markets are very locational and varied by price range, but housing values in California are beggining to stablize and in some areas, increase.

   Secondly, the availibilty of mortgages is somewhat limited.  Mortgage lenders have had a tough time in the past few years.  Most lenders have gone bankrupt.  The ones that are still in business are very careful that they don't take on any more risk so they can stay in business.  This limits the financing options to only a handfull of choices.

   Now, perhaps more than ever, you need the honest, experienced guidance that we offer at All Access California.  We can guide you through the financing and help you to take advantage of historically low home prices.

  Please call today to speak with a friendly, knowledgable representative at 599-322-5005.

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Dru Scott


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Posted by DRU SCOTT on May 29th, 2009 12:03 PM